Log-in Screen - Why do I get the log-in screen when I click on the anonymous user link?

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If there is any issue with logging in as the Organisation Anonymous user, you will be presented with the standard login screen.

If you have logged in previously with user permission rights to use Prompt, you must log out of Prompt fully and not just close the browser, in order to be able to access the anonymous user search page via the anonymous user link.

If you don't log-out completely, your computer will remember you are logged-in in the background and bring up the log-in screen to enter your credentials again.

To log out click the drop down arrow next to your name top right of screen.

In some cases, logging out does not work and clearing the browser is the only option.  If you have log-in access, you could favourite the Prompt URL in your Chrome browser so it takes you to the log-in page directly https://app.prompt.org.au

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