Smart Art text not formatting correctly after Prompt converts it to PDF

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SmartArt is a Microsoft graphics feature available in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.
There is a known issue with Smart Art text formatting in Prompt. This article is to outline what the limitations are and what you can do as a workaround.

What is the known issue with Smart Art in Prompt?

When you submit a Word, Excel or PowerPoint document with Smart Art including text into Prompt, like the example below:

Smart Art with text (Word Doc)

The text formatting will be fine during upload and drafting, but once the document is submitted and converted to PDF, the text spacing will change:

Smart Art with text (Converted to PDF)

Why does this happen?

Prompt uses a 3rd party service to convert documents to PDF called `Aspose`

The Aspose service has default spacing between lines of text. It can't take into consideration the text spacing on Smart Art from the original document being converted.

  • Avoid using SmartArt shapes with text overlayed.
  • Instead use shapes and text boxes to achieve the same result. (Example below)

Example Workaround:

In the example below, I will recreate 1 segment of the smart art diagram above.


1. Using the prompt drafting tool, insert a circle from the shapes menu:

2. Insert a text box over the top of the circle:

3. Set the text box to `No fill` & `No line`

4. Insert text into text box:

5. Check in the document, the converted PDF document will have the correct text spacing

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