Remove Document Review Requirement

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User permissions required: Super User, Prompt Administrator, Administrator
You may wish to remove the review date requirement for documents that will never change, for example, information sheets, internal forms, etc. This will assist organisations with their accreditation reporting compliance.
  1. Locate the document you would like to remove the review date from.
  2. Select the document information icon.
  1. Choose the remove button next to the Document is due for review on the dd-mm-yyyy.
  1. Enter a brief reason for removing the review feature and choose Confirm Removal (the reason for removal will be held in the document history and full audit report).
  1. To reinstate the document review period, locate the document and select the document information icon.
  1. Choose the history tab and select re-enable review. (Please be aware that the review period will be reinstated to the original due date, i.e. you are unable to select a preferred date in the future).
  1. For reporting purposes, the document will have N/A listed in the due for review column.

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