How to Keep a Document Private

Permissions Required: Prompt Admin, Admin or Document Author

Keep Document Private - The document will not be searchable by users from other organisations. As Prompt encourages information sharing, this option is recommended to be used only for documents containing confidential information.

When a document is ready to Check-In, you will be provided the option to Keep Document Private.

Document details tab will provide you the option to Keep the Document Private

By selecting Keep Document Private, the document will not be searchable by users from other organisations.

Restricted departments or sections.

You also have the ability to restrict departments or sections. This can be another way to keep a document private.

  • Hidden: Hide the department from all users in Prompt. It will only be accessible by Prompt Admins and System Admins
  • Restricted: Restricted departments are hidden from all users that are not assigned to them in the User Profile page, it will hide its contents even from users from other organisations.

Follow this guide here on: How to add/edit a Department - PROMPT Support

Admins can also limit document accessibility to private documents or documents sitting in restricted departments or sections.

Admin > Manage Organisation > Edit Organisation > Document Access

Admins can hide the Copy Link and Copy URL details that appear on the Document Information tab, by enabling the Hide Copy Links for Private Documents or Hide Copy Links for Restricted Departments or Sections features.

Additionally, previous distributed links will be blocked when a viewer attempts to download the document. The user will be advised to log into Prompt and search for the document directly. These features can be enabled on the new tab called Document Access.

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