Approval Process

Approval can happen with or without the in drafting feature turned on.

The Approvals process is the final step before publishing the document into Prompt.

The document will now appear on the Approvals tab for final approval before publishing the document into Prompt

This process ensures the final approver can review the life cycle of the document. More specifically, the approver is able to review the questions completed at the submission stage to ensure the form was completed.

The approver is able to check the consultation history of this document to see at a high level which individuals were included in the authoring and reviewing.

The approver is also able to click ‘View Document’ to see the low level detail and change history of the document.

The approver is also able to complete a checklist.

This checklist is configurable, with the questions included being both optional and mandatory.

Once approved, the document will process and publish into Prompt.

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