Roles and Permissions

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System Administrator

A person responsible for configuring the organisation's structure.

User Administrator

A person responsible for adding users and updating their permissions in an organisation.

General User

A general user is a user you can assign particular access rights and permissions to allowing them to complete certain tasks in Prompt. This may be a person responsible for submitting a document into Prompt, prior to any approval processes, a document author or someone who needs to run Prompt Reports, or to view documents owned by other organisations in the Prompt Network.

Executive Sponsor

Executive level role, created as a tag, that can be assigned to an executive user for identification and association purposes.


The Publisher Approval Role can be assigned to a user (or occasionally more than one). When Approvals are turned on it is usually the final approval step before a document is published on Prompt for viewing by all users. The publisher role (when in use) should form part of a Submission process.

Agency Admin

Agencies only exist to enable large Health Care entities consisting of more than one separate organisation, or major campus, where they wish them to be seen as separate organisations within Prompt. An Agency Admin is a user with the same rights as an Admin user but has those rights for each of the organisations comprising the Agency.

Prompt Admin

This person is the one mainly responsible for ensuring that the Prompt System for their organisation is set-up and running the way that organisation needs it to. There can only be one Prompt Admin user per organisation and they automatically have all the Rights and Privileges that any user within that organisation can have, including the ability to edit the organisation's Message Board that appears on all Prompt Search screens.


This person is a user with all the same Rights and Privileges as the Prompt Admin, they are just not considered the main person responsible for ensuring that the Prompt System for their organisation is set-up and running the way that organisation needs it to. Admin users are usually only required in organisations where the workload associated with being the Prompt Admin is too much for one person to handle, or where the Prompt Admin has other responsibilities outside Prompt and needs to share the workload.

Anonymous User

Is a profile set up within the system. The anonymous user represents a web link generated and embedded onto the organisation's intranet site for the staff to search for documents. There is no login required, and only the organisation's own documents can be searched.

When this search link is accessed, the user will remain anonymous while searching Prompt for documents. The Anonymous User is generally protected from being accessed by persons outside the organisation, by restricting access to the organisation's work site IP Address Ranges.

Documents - User permissions Legend

User permissions are higher-level functions that can be assigned to users such as managing documents, managing the organisation and approving documents. They are assigned to users at a specific location in an Organisation, those locations being Departments, Sections and even at the Organisation level. When you assign a permission at a given level, the user will have the same permission in all levels below that location. The hierarchy is Organisation > Department > Section.

Document Owner

A person responsible for the document at the designated level. In particular they are the person who can receive the system generated “Due for Review” reminder alert messages.

Document Author

A person responsible for the creation or editing of a document in Prompt at a designated level, including the ability to check-in/check-out documents at that level.

Submission Owner

A person responsible for submitting a document into Prompt, prior to publishing.

Approval Role  

A person responsible for approving a document in it’s final read-only state in line with a pre-defined Approval Process.

Requisition Approver

A person who must approve the creation of a new document before the document can commence the authoring process.

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