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How To Schedule Recurring Reports

Permissions Required: Prompt Administrator, Administrator, General User (Reporting Access)

Prompt Documents includes a report feature to allow recurring reports to be distributed to internal and external recipients on a scheduled basis. This feature provides a seamless approach for providing reports to your stakeholders, taking the manual requirement of producing custom reports on a recurring schedule.

  1. Select Reports and Schedule Reports
  1. Choose Schedule New Report and select your predefined report from the list of options.
  1. Select your preferred filters for example the departments and sections, then sort by filters and status.
  2. Type in a *Report Name that will provide you with a clear objective of the report information. For example, People and Culture Overdue Documents.
*PLEASE NOTE: The report name is only visible when creating the report, it is not visible to the recipient.
  1. The primary email address will be the user account logged in. You have the option to nominate additional email recipients by selecting Add Email.
  2. Choose the frequency at which the report will be sent. The available frequencies are weekly or monthly.
  3. Select the report start and end date and the *time (Australian Eastern Standard Time AEST) would you like the report scheduler to run.
  4. Select Schedule Report to save your report.
*PLEASE NOTE: The time that is selected for the scheduled report to run is the time when it is generated, not when it is received.

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