How to set an expiry date for staff user logins

Permissions Required: Prompt Admin, Admin, and User Admin.

Permissioned users are now able to set an expiry date for user accounts to be suspended on a future date.

This feature is helpful in scenarios where there are temporary or fixed term staff members needing a user account, or if a user is departing the organisation. This removes the hassle of having to remember to deactivate the user in the future.

Once the expiry date has been reached, the user’s login will be suspended, and they will no longer have access to Prompt.

Where can I set an expiry date for a user?

Go to Admin > Manage Users > Add a new user or edit a user.

A date picker now appears on a users accounts within the Manage Users tab in Prompt. You can select any date that is 24 hours or more in the future.

Please note that you can not assign a expiry date to your own account.

From the User Details tab, select an expiry date from the calendar > Click Submit.

Note: Users cannot change their own expiry dates.

When will a user’s login be suspended?

Once the date has been reached the user account will be suspended, with an 'Expired' highlight appearing next to the user status.

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Note: You cannot change the expiry date of a user within 24 hours of it expiring.

I would like to reactivate the user after the expiry date has lapsed.

To reactivate a suspended user after their expiry date has lapsed, navigate to Admin > Manage Users > find and edit the user

If the user account is to be re-enabled, simply edit and update the status to Active. The user can then log in as usual and continue using their account. Alternatively, a permissioned user can remove all permissions for the user and disable the account.

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