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Login failures come in different types and for different reasons. This article explains the login failures most commonly seen, and what Prompt Admin's can do to resolve.

Problem: User reports that the anonymous link they have been provided doesn't work / shows the normal login page.

Solution: The anonymous user link depends on some very specific settings to work, and often it is an issue with one of these.

- Confirm the user is accessing the link within an approved IP range. Ask them to search for "What is my ip" in either Google or Bing, and it will display their IP address. If you are the Prompt admin, and need to know the IP ranges, then please contact the "Prompt support team".

- Confirm the anonymous user in your Organisation is Active. Browse your user list and ensure the user with Anonymous User role is Active.

- Confirm the link hasn't been modified. Under the Anonymous User, you can copy and resend the link to the user to ensure there are no issues with it.

Login Issues with Mobile Tokens

Mobile tokens allow remote users to get access to your organisation with Anonymous Access, outside your IP ranges.

Problem: User reports that the mobile link they have been provided no longer works.

Solution: Mobile tokens are a time limited option, therefore must be renewed on a regular basis.

- Confirm the link hasn't been modified.

- Regenerate the mobile token if it has expired. Be warned, regenerating token will reset the token for all users that have this token.

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