How to View User History

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Permissions Required: Prompt Admin or User Admin

The user history shows all recent activity of a user, this page is only accessible by Prompt Admins. It also provides a report of all activity from a user for auditing purposes.

To access a user history, go to Admin -> Manage Users, select a user from the list and select Edit.

Go to History tab.

The user history table will list a summary of the 15 most recent activities for the selected user. The summary will list only the following events:

  • Document Check-In
  • Document Checked-out
  • Document Approved
  • Document Rejected
  • Document Copied
  • Report Generated

To see the complete list of user activity, select Full Audit.

A new window will open where you can select the full history or pick the date interval.

Once you select the Generate Report button, a report will be generated and will be sent to your email address. The report may take time to be generated, it is advised to select a date interval to limit the number of results.

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