How to set up a new general user

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Permissions Required: Prompt Admin or User Admin

To create a user, go to Admin -> Manage Users, select Add New User

In User Role drop-down, select General User 

Enter the following fields:

  • Display Name - The name of the user to be displayed when editing a document and in all reports
  • Email Address - Every user must have a valid email address.  This will be used to login into Prompt and to send email notifications
  • Phone Number - Optional - used to enter the phone number, contact the user
  • Position - Optional - used to describe the position of user in the organisation

It is not necessary to enter a password, the user will receive an email with the instructions to create their password once the user set up is complete. Proceed by selecting the Next button.

The next step is to set the user organisation access by choosing a department and a section.

Users initially will only be able to search documents from the department they are assigned to by default.

Additional department access can be assigned in the Set Department Access section of this page (below).  Select one or multiple departments.

The Select All option will not assign a user to Hidden and Restricted departments. 

Additional access may be assigned in the sliders to the left:

  • Cross Organisational Search - Enables a user to search for documents in other active organisations in Prompt
  • Reporting Access - Enables a user to generate reports in their own organisation

Select the Next button to proceed.

The next step is optional, if this user was created to be a Document Approver, their approval notification settings may be overridden. By default, each approver will receive their approval notifications according to the default settings for their organisation. It is possible to configure to receive a notification immediately when an approval is needed and/or receiving a weekly summary report with all pending approvals.

Select Submit to create user.

The user will receive an email with the instructions to set up their password and log in to Prompt.

This process does not provide access to higher-level functions, this is done by Managing User Profile Permissions

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