How to Approve or Reject a Document

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Permissions Required: Approval Role, Executive Sponsor or Prompt Admin

To approve a document, go to Home -> Approvals. Displayed is a list of all documents you have permission to approve or reject.

To download the file select the document icon.

It is possible to see the list of all users with permission to approve the document by hovering the mouse over the Approval Role name.

How to Approve a Document

Selecting Approve will open the Approve Document window. From here you will see the Change Comment.

To approve select Confirm Approval. To reject select Reject.

If Submissions are enabled in your organisation, the approval window will have the following additional tabs:

  • Document Details - Document metadata and change comment
  • Submission Form - Completed by the user submitting the document
  • Consultation - If Drafting process is enabled - list of all Co-Authors and Reviewers
  • Checklist - Available to Publisher Approvers only - the submission checklist completed before publishing the document.

Once approved, the document is sent to the next Approver in the approval process assigned to the location of the document. Once all required approvals are complete the document will publish and become active in Prompt.

Before being able to search for the document in the Search page, the document must be indexed, this process is automatic and refreshes every 10 minutes.

How to Reject a Document

Selecting Reject will open the Reject Document window. Enter a Rejection Reason. The reason will be sent to the user who Checked-In the document as an Email Notification.

Select Confirm Rejection to complete.

Rejected document returns to the Checked-out or Draft if you have Drafting enabled for the organisation.  This will allow the user who checked-in the document to work in a new version of the document.

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