How users access Prompt offsite by generating their own mobile token

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Permissions Required: Prompt Admin or User Admin

Prompt Users with log-in credentials

  1. Using Google Chrome browser, on your computer or mobile device search;
  2. In the log-in screen, simply enter your work email address and password.

Prompt General Users

Option 1 (Preferred) – Set up your General User with Prompt access temporarily

  1. Admin > Manage Users
  2. User Information > Input Display Name and Email Address > Next
  3. Set Organisation Access > Select Department and Section
  4. Set Department Access > Select All
  5. Ensure Cross Organisational Search, Reporting Access and View Restricted Departments are switched OFF
  6. Click Next > Click Submit

An access token will send automatically to the email address. The user has 24 hours in which to set up their account using this access token.

Expired Token? - Go to Admin > Manage Users > Edit User > Select Send Reset Token.

Option 2 – General Users without log-in credentials

  1. Using Google Chrome browser, on your smart phone or tablet (must use lower resolution devices such as IPAD, Samsung Galaxy) search
  1. Enter your work email address, (requires access to work emails remotely)
  2. Click ‘Send Access Token’
  3. You will receive an email with a token, click the token URL to take you to your organisation’s search engine.

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