How to set up an anonymous user

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What is an anonymous user?

Anonymous or read-only users are not obligated to authenticate with login credentials. Their access is limited to searching, downloading, and sharing documents, either internally or externally. Organisations will only need one anonymous user profile to grant all staff access to their document repository in Prompt.

What is required to setup an anonymous user?

In order for anonymous users to work, it is necessary to set up your organisation's IP configuration. The obtain the correct IP range, please contact your internal IT department. If you need to update the IP configuration for your organisation, please contact Prompt Support.

Can I delete the anonymous profile?

Prompt Administrators can not delete, disable or suspend an anonymous user profile. This prevents administrators inadvertently removing the all staff access. If there is a reason why the account should be deleted, you will need to contact Prompt Support.

How to setup an anonymous user

  1. To create an anonymous user profile, you need to be logged in as an administrator
  2. Select admin -> manager users and choose add user
  1. At the user role drop-down, select anonymous user and enter a display name and email address. The display name can read something like 'all staff access' or 'anonymous user profile'. All users in Prompt require a unique email address, for anonymous users, it is suggested to use an email group. 
  2. Select next and choose the organisation access. This simply assigns the profile to an area of the organisational structure. This setting does not restrict access, Prompt requires the user account to be assigned to a specific department and section.

  1. If you would like the anonymous profile to be able to search for documents within all departments, choose select all. However, if you would like the profile to only search for documents within specific departments, select them by clicking on the required department.
  1. Select submit to save.
  2. You can now share your anonymous user profile link with staff in your health service. To obtain the token, locate the anonymous user account you have just created by choosing admin, manage users. Locate the anonymous user account and select edit and copy the token as depicted below:

PLEASE NOTE: An anonymous user is not an authenticated user. It is simply a link to search and download documents in Prompt. The link is typically 'pinned' on the organisation's intranet for staff to access Prompt within your network.

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