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Business Continuity Plan

We suggest the organisation develops a business continuity plan (BCP) going forward in the event internet access is unavailable. This should be written, and tested, in conjunction with your IT Department.

As the Prompt application is developed & hosted natively upon Amazon Web Services, it is always available so long as the internet is accessible.  If needed, a Prompt Administrator is able to access Prompt outside of the organisation and download reports as required. 

Offline Access Application

Prompt's Offline Access Application is designed for continuous document availability in the event of an outage. Hosted on a dedicated physical server within your organisation, this solution provides access to your Prompt documents during an internet outage. Documents are retrieved in a nightly sync and stored within your organization's server.

This does not replace, nor should it be used as a proxy for, the live Prompt Application. The features offered are limited by design, and some functions within documents will not work due to being in an offline nature.

For more information, please see Offline Access Application help article.

Download all Documents Report

The Download all Documents report generates a compressed .ZIP file with all live versions of your documents.  This may be an option utilised by your organisation’s quality team as a back-up. The documents are organised into folders which are the same as your Prompt departments and sections.  The zip file may be saved to a USB stick or to a shared file to enable access by staff.  The frequency of running the report will depend on organisation requirement.

For more information, please see How to download All Documents help article.

Laptops & Dongles

Disaster Recovery plan utilised by Barwon Health during the cyber attack in 2019, Barwon Health internet was down for 2-3 months. Laptops with a mobile internet dongle were distributed to wards and areas where it was essential to access Prompt at all times. The action to provide essential areas with laptops and dongles worked extremely well.

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