What footer tags are available in Prompt?

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The following tags can be inserted into a document, and Prompt will automatically replace them on conversion.

Note: Although we have named the tags ‘footer tags’, they may be inserted into the body, footer or header of your document.  It may be appropriate for some tags e.g. standard or legislation to be inserted in the body of the document to prevent too many lines in the footer once the tags have converted.


The document number assigned by Prompt.


Version number of the document. Version number is incremented at each check-in.


The date the document was first uploaded into Prompt.

<#review_date> or <#last_review_date>

Both fields display the last review date.


Date of the next review. <#revision_issue_date>

The date of the latest version change.


The document number assigned by Prompt.


Prompt Document Title.


Prompt Document Type.


URL link to the document

<#document_owner> or <#doc_owner>

Owner of the document


Name of the Principal Rights Holder (PRH) of the document. (Prompt Legacy tag)


Accreditation Tags assigned to the document.   


Standard Tags assigned to the document      


Legislation Tags assigned to the document.    


Risk Rating tag assigned to document.


Name of the organisation that owns the document

<#department> Department tag assigned to document

<#section> Section tag assigned to document 

<#sponsor> Executive Sponsor tag assigned to a document

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