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How to Enable Email Auto Complete Using Organization Azure Active Directory feature

Permissions Required: Prompt Admin or Agency Admin or Super User

Feature Overview

Azure Technical Setup

1.      Login in the Azure Portal with admin privileges.

2.      Create a new App registration – Click on New registration

3.      Enter the display name. Click the Register button to register the Application.

4.       Take note of the Client Id & Tenant Id for the registered application.

5.       Click the Certificate & secrets tab. Click on New Client Secret icon. Add a secret. Take note of the secret value.

6.       Click the API Permissions tab. Click on the Microsoft Graph Permission under the Configured Permissions.

7.       On Request API permissions page, select Application Permissions.

8.       Under the select permissions List, select the User.Read.all permission. Add the permission.

9.       Grant the admin consent for the added permission.

10.   Login to the Prompt Application as Super User or Prompt Admin or Agency Admin.

11.   To configure the Email Auto Complete feature, go to Admin -> Manage Organizations, select Edit at the name of the Organization.

12.   On the Edit Organization page, Click on the Email AutoComplete tab.

13. Enable the Email Auto complete feature by toggling the button

14.      Enter the Azure Active Directory Details:

a.       Azure AD Client ID as the app registration client id,

b.       Azure AD Tenancy ID as the app registration tenant id,

c.       Azure AD Secret as the app registration client secret.

Click Save Azure AD Details to save the information.

Once the configuration of Azure AD integration into Prompt completes, the nightly sync application will schedule the organizations to fetch the user list from Azure AD. On successful sync process the relevant email fields will have auto complete function.

1.       Search a Document. Click on the email icon

2.       The Document information Email page has two email fields: To & CC. Both fields will present five best matched options based on the input string to choose from.

3.       Similarly, the Manage Reviewers Page in Draft mode presents email auto complete options.


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