How to promote a user to an Admin

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Permissions Required: Prompt Admin or Admin

We have created a new user role called "Admin" with the purpose of sharing the workload and responsibility of the Prompt Admin. An Admin will have the the same rights and permissions as a Prompt Admin or Agency Admin.

An Admin will have the ability to edit the Prompt Admin and Admin user profiles, which means they are able to reset MFA for other Admins when required. Additionally, all Admin user roles are able to create additional Admin user roles when required.

How do I create a new Admin User?

Adding a new Admin user can be done through the Admin > Manage Users page.

A user can be promoted to an Admin or demoted from Agency Admin by any other Admin, Prompt Admin or Agency Admin. Agency Admins can choose to demote themselves to Admins.

Note: General Users with User Admin privileges cannot create an Admin.

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