How to set up Executive Sponsors

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Permissions Required: Prompt Admin or System Admin

Executive Sponsor may be used as a special approval role. 

If you require an Executive Sponsor to approve a document, the section the document 'sits' in must have Executive Sponsor set up as part of the approval process and the document tagged with an Executive Sponsor.  

If a document without an Executive Sponsor tag is added to a section with an approval role requiring an Executive Sponsor, that approval step is skipped.

Executive Sponsor is enabled by Prompt Admin.

Go to Admin -> Manage Organisation -> Edit Organisation -> Document Tags

Turn Executive Sponsor 'ON' by clicking the OFF/ON button. Select Save.

Add New Executive Sponsor

Go to Admin -> Document Tags -> Executive Sponsor.

Select Add New Sponsor 

A new window will open. Enter the name of your Executive Sponsor. Select Submit to save.

All Executive Sponsors are initially listed on this page by the order they were created with new ones being added at the end. Reorder by selecting the 3 line icon at the left and dragging to a new position.

Deleting Executive Sponsors

Select Delete on the right.

A confirmation window will appear, select Delete to confirm.

Once confirmed the selected Executive Sponsor will be removed from the list.

It is not possible to delete an Executive Sponsor if it has documents tagged to it. To verify, generate a report in Reports -> Documents by Sponsor.

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