Receiving The Requisition Form

Once a Requisition form has been submitted the requisition owner will then evaluate the request and either approve or reject.

Anyone can be assigned to this role at any stage. It can be one person for the whole organisation, or owners for every section or department

This requisition owner will receive an email advising them that there is a requisition to review, with a link in the email notification directing them to the requisition in Prompt. Additionally, the owner can access the requisition via the requisitions tab within the users Home tab. Home->Requisitions->Requisitions List

To see the details outlined in the requisitions, click ‘View Requisition’

All details entered by the requestor will be viewable on the Requisitions Details tab including the answers to the questions asked at the request stage.

  1. Reject the Request

If you don’t need this document to be created, click the ‘Reject’ button and outline a reason for the rejection. Rejecting the request will send a notification to the Requestor notifying them of the reason for the rejected request.

  1. Accept the Request

Update the Document Details and ; location of this document if required.

The requestion owner/ Prompt admin is able to assign the Author to the document.

Please note that the available list of Authors is subject to Document Author rights being assigned to the relevant user accounts. Contact your Prompt Admin for more details.

Once you’ve assigned the author, click ‘Approve

  1. The requestor will now receive a notification with the request details
  2. The author will also receive a notification with a link to the document advising them to log in and start drafting the document.

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