How to re-upload a Failed Document

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Permissions Required: Prompt Administrator or Document Author  

All documents uploaded in Prompt are sent to the file conversion process, this process converts the document to PDF format, converts all of it's Footer tags into the correct values and extracts a screenshot for the purpose of previewing a document when the mouse hovers over it's icon in a document list. If an invalid file is uploaded or an error occurs during this process you will receive an email informing you a file failed conversion and must be re-uploaded.

  1. To re-upload a failed document go to Documents -> Manage, and locate the failed document. Select the Re-Upload button.

  1. A window will open allowing you to upload a new file. You may drag a file into the grey box or click Browse Files to open a window to locate a file in your computer.  

  1. Once a new file has been uploaded select the Reupload Document button,

  1. The file will be re-queued for processing and available once processing is complete.

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