How to assign Standards, Legislation, Executive Sponsors and Risk Rating

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Permissions Required: Prompt Admin or Document Author

To access the Document Information page you must select the information icon to the right of a document name. Document information is available in the Home page, Search page, Documents tab and some Reports.

Remember to select Submit once updating your tags is completed to process your document.

To update the Executive Sponsor, go to Document Details tab, select an Executive Sponsor from the drop-down.

To update the Risk Rating go to Document Details tab, select a Risk Rating from the drop-down.

To assign a Standard go to the Standard tab, select a Standard from the drop-down. Select Assign to a Standard.

A new window will open displaying the sections of the Standard. To tag a section to your document select the circle button. You may de-select sections by clicking on the same circle button a second time. Once finished, select Submit.

Returning to the Standard tab the list of all currently assigned Standards will display. To add additional Standards select Assign To A Standard.

Select Edit to return to the Standard sections window to edit currently assigned sections. 

Select Remove to remove a Standard. This will remove the whole Standard and all of its sections from your document.

To assign a Legislation go to Legislation tab, select Assign Legislation.

A new window will open for you to choose a category by selecting the plus icon to expand and show all Legislation for that category.

Assign Legislation to your document by selecting the circle button. You may de-select a Legislation by clicking again on the circle button.

Select Submit when finished. 

Returning to the Add Document page you will view a list of Legislation currently assigned to your document. 

To remove or add further Legislation go to Assign Legislation.

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