Document Search Settings for Anonymous Users

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What is an anonymous user?

Anonymous or read-only users are not obligated to authenticate with login credentials. Their access is limited to searching, downloading, and sharing documents, either internally or externally. Organisations will only need one anonymous user profile to grant all staff access to their document repository in Prompt.

Essentially, the anonymous user profile serves as a simple link to Prompt, allowing document searching without the need for authentication.

To learn how to setup an anonymous user account, please refer to this knowledge base article.

Configuring the anonymous user profile for searching

Prompt Administrators have the option to determine the searching access for the anonymous user profile.

  1. Advanced searching filters can be turned ON or OFF. When turned ON, advanced searching permits the user to filter by department, section, document type and latest documents. This provides the user with more targeted search results. The advanced searching feature is turned ON by default.
  2. Administrators have the ability to set department access to only allow users to search across specific departments.
  3. There is an option to allow (or disable) the ability to search restricted departments.

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