Document Processing Failures

Updated 3 weeks ago by Prompt Support

From time to time, documents may fail to process and activate within the Prompt System. It is not a common occurrence, but can happen.

This can be caused by:

  • Corrupt document files
  • Documents with corrupt fonts
  • Documents not in the format expected
  • Internal Prompt Glitches

We have an automated system that monitors for documents not progressing to an Active state after being checked in. This system will monitor for multiple issues, and then alert both the end user and our support team. It is then up to our support team to investigate the issue, and report back as to what the issue was, and how to resolve it by:

  • Our team forcing the document back through the conversion process
  • Advising the end user of the issue, and requesting they re-upload the document

The end user will receive an email as exampled below and the status of the document will change to Failed.

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