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Permissions Required: Prompt Administrator, Administrator, General User, Anonymous Users

  1. To search for a document, type the desired keywords at the Enter Search Keywords and select the Search button to its right, your results will be listed below the page. You may also leave the search expression blank (without any keywords), by doing that it will search for all documents in your organisation, and the search results will be sorted alphabetically.

Search Results and Relevance

Search relevance is determined by how often the keyword appears in the document (as a percentage of its length). If the keyword also appears in the title of the document then this will boost the document’s relevance and it should appear higher in the list of results. If you search with one or more keywords, documents will not be listed alphabetically.

  • When using one or more keywords in your search, Prompt searches for documents based on their relevance.

Search results ordering

When searching with one or more keywords, the results will be presented in the following order:

  1. The documents in that organisation that have the exact phrase in their title appear at the top.
  2. The second results to be returned are the documents that have the whole phrase in the content.
  3. The third set of results are the documents that have the keywords in the title of the document without the common words.
  4. The fourth set of results are the documents that have the keywords in the content.

Word searches:

  • You must consider the context and include this in your search e.g. 'Drain tube' needs a further context - are you interested in a 'Chest Drain' or a 'Lumbar Drain'?
  • Search Expression word/s should be specific - e.g. 'Medication' is too generic producing results that may not be what you are looking for.  Providing a context such as 'medication principles' or 'medication administration' will help. However, if you are looking for a specific medication/drug, use the drug’s name.  If you cannot find it on Prompt it may be better to use MIMS Online or the Australian Medicines Handbook (AMH).
  • Don’t write a story. Type in 1-3 keywords. If your selected keywords do not find the document, change your word/s.
  • Consider: the information may not be on Prompt

Advanced Search

The advanced search filters allow you to reduce the search results to a manageable list of documents. To initiate, select the Advanced Search toggle to activate the dropdown lists (located below the Search Expression box).

This will show the following dropdown options:

  • Organisation - Only available for users with Cross Organisation Search permission. Allows you to search for documents in other organisations in Prompt, by default your organisation will be selected.
  • Department - Allows you to filter results for a department from the selected organisation. All departments will be selected by default.
  • Section - Allows you to filter results for a section from the selected department. All sections will be selected by default. 
  • Document Type - Allows you to filter results for a specific document type from the selected organisation. All document types will be selected by default. 
  • Latest Documents - Allows you to filter the results to show only for new or updated documents. By default, all documents will be presented. 
You will only be able to select departments and sections you have user permissions for.  If you require additional access contact your Prompt Admin.

You may search for documents alphabetically, just leave the Search Expression blank without any keyword. Drilling down to a department/section will reduce the search results to a more manageable list of documents.

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