Drafting Stage

In-Drafting is designed to operate like Microsoft Word. You can insert images and tables, update formatting and also manage track changes through-out the drafting and review stage.

  • The co-authoring experience is designed to be collaborative.
  • You are also able to leave comments on the sidebar for other authors and future reviewers, if need be.
  • All authors can save and exit out of this document any time throughout the drafting stage.
If requisitions are turned off, then drafting will be the first process of the In-drafting workflow.
It’s important to note here that the Prompt Administrator can see all documents sitting under any of the ‘in-drafting’ tabs that have been configured for your Organisation as their permissions enable them to have a high level view of the organisations workflow.

Requestions ON : The document that was approved at requisition stage is now available for drafting. You will see the document Name, Document Author and Version details for this document. To draft this document, click ‘draft’

Requisitions OFF : Then draft will be the first process of the workflow so when we 'add a document' This removes the need to manually download a document, open in word or Adobe, review the document, email to other reviewers all before checking in the document back into Prompt.

You can assign a template to any document type configured within your organisation or you can choose to leave this page as a blank document for all document types.

The document author can invite co-authors to assist in the drafting of this document whilst the document is still in Draft status.

It is important to ensure track changes is turned on in the initial stages of document authoring.

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