Submission Stage

Submission can happen with or without the in drafting feature turned on.

After the Review stage, the document will appear in the submissions tab.

Submissions is the term we use to describe submitting a document into Prompt regardless of when it was drafted, submissions is another governance process which can be turned on or off depending on the document workflow that is best suited to your organisation.

There are two options for who completes the submission process, either the Document owner or a Submission owner, whoever is selected will be responsible for assigning the relevant standards and legislation to the document at the time of check-in.

Questions included in the submission form are configurable and can be mandatory or non-mandatory or a combination.

The submission owner can view a copy of the document by selecting the word icon. To proceed the submission owner selects ‘check-in’.

The check in documents screen appears and includes 4 tabs.

Document details, standards, legislation as you see today and new tab ‘other questions’ which includes the questions configured.

Once all tab's have been completed click ’check-in’ If approvals are turned off, this document will publish once it is checked in.

If approvals are turned on for your organisation, then this document will now appear on the Approvals tab for final approval before publishing the document into Prompt.

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Review Stage

Approval Process