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If draft is turned off, then reviews will also be turned off. If draft is turned on, reviews do not need to be turned on, Review is optional within your organisations document workflow.

Once a draft document has completed the authoring process stage, you can now Submit For Review.

Reviews are a timed process for invited reviewers to be able to respond and comment on the final draft document as submitted by the document author who will then accept or reject any changes and make any changes post-review.

2 pieces of information are required.

  1. The priority date for the reviewers to review by.
It’s important to select the correct priority, as the review period cannot be extended and reviewers will be unable to review once the review period has lapsed.
  1. The email addresses of the reviewers.

You can invite reviewers both inside and outside the organisation

Please be aware that this review stage will close the authoring stage of the workflow meaning no further changes can be made and all existing co-authoring links will expire.

Once all reviewers are invited you will see a rolling tally of all invited reviewers along with a status.

You can now select Submit For Review

All invited reviewers will receive a notification inviting them to review the document.

The document author will receive notifications when a reviewer has reviewed the document. The document author can navigate to their reviews tab and continue to manage the reviewers and accept/reject any track changes throughout the review process.

The document author can submit the document at any stage irrespective of whether all reviewers have reviewed the document.

Once the document review process is finalised, the document author will click ‘Finish Review’ this will notify the reviewers that the document has now been submitted.

This document will now appear in the Submissions tab for the submission owner to Check In the document.

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