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Document Author Forms

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Permissions Required: Prompt Admin or User Admin

Document Author Forms are forms to be filled in by the document author when submissions are turned on, and the document author does not have user permission to check in the document, i.e. not a submission owner.

How to enable Document Author Forms

  1. Go to Admin->Manage Organizations -> Edit Organization
  2. Open the Submission Process tab.
  1. Click on the Document Author Form tab. You will see a slider to turn Document Author Forms on or off.

How to Create the Document Author Form

When Enable Document Author Form is turned on you will see the form that is to be presented to the document author to fill out when they submit their document. You may edit the form to set any questions, checkboxes etc that are necessary.

Once you have finished then click Save or Submit and this will save the form. Once enabled and saved the document author form will be presented to document authors when they submit a document.

How to complete the Document Author Form

  1. When the user clicks the Submit button the submission modal will appear with a document author form tab

  1. Clicking on this tab will present the document author form to be filled out.

  1. If the user is in drafting mode once they click the Finish Drafting button, the author will be asked if they are sure they are ready to submit as per usual.

  1. The Document Author Form will then be presented to complete.

To View the Document Author Form

  1. When the submission owner comes to check in the document, by clicking ‘check in’ on either the Home-> submissions tab or on the Documents Page, they will see a document author form tab if a document author form has been filled out


  1. Clicking on this tab they will be able to see the completed document author form previously filled in by the document author.

To Review Document Author Forms from Previous Check-Ins

  1. Once the document has been checked in, processed and approved it is possible to go back and review the document author form notes by looking at the Document Information tab.
  1. Click on Forms tab and you will see historic forms, including the document author form
  1. Clicking on View Form button will open it up to view the form.


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