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Permissions Required: Prompt Admin

Notifications are sent to users of Prompt primarily via Email.

On the Notification Screen (Admin > Notification Settings) you can adjust the settings of who gets emails, the message and see which roles are sent notifications by default, and which can have the notifications enabled.

Defines the type of notification that can be sent. More information can be found by hovering over the question mark

The user role that will receive the notification.

This notification is off, but can be enabled by clicking the circle

This notification is on, but can be disabled by clicking the blue tick

This notification is not available for this notification/role pair

This notification is enabled, and cannot be disabled for this notification / role pair

Notifications are enabled, based on Role Settings

All notifications for this type are disabled regardless of Role Settings, including Mandatory

Disabling specific notifications

You can Enable or Disable specific notifications for all users by simply toggling the Enable Notification to Off.

Edit email notification

You can edit the body of the message for certain notification emails. Email subject lines cannot be changed or customised.

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