How to embed Footer Tags into a document

Footer Tags can be inserted into a document for Prompt to automatically replace the tag with the relevant Prompt data point as part of the document check-in process.

Referred to as ‘Footer Tags’, they can be inserted into the document’s body, footer or header.

They are called Footer Tags because most of the information they retrieve from Prompt is information you would usually enter manually into the footer of a document.

Here is a list of available Footer Tags you can assign into your documents.

If your document is a template where you want the Footer Tags to remain as tags and not to be populated during the check-in process, you can tick the box “Don’t convert Footer Tags”.

Whether you are drafting your document internally or externally to Prompt, you can enter Footer Tags into the document.

Steps to add Footer Tags into a document

  1. Select a location for your Footer Tag within your document.
  2. Paste in the corresponding Footer Tag Code from our footer tags list.
  3. Check-in the document for publishing.

Below is a screenshot of a word document where the Footer Tags have been pasted into the document during the drafting stage. This is how a Footer tag presents prior to publishing <#doc_id> this code represents the (Prompt Document Number)

Below is an example of the document after it has been checked into Prompt and published.

Please note: Some Tags expand to nothing if there is no relevant information in the Prompt database.

Assigning Standard or Legislation Tags within a document.

You can add Footer Tags anywhere in the body of a document. This could be useful if you wanted to include standards or legislation, for example, within the body of your document.

Where does the standard or legislation tag information pull from? Assigning Standards or Legislations

Updates to 'Footer Tags' If new tags are selected or existing tags are updated these changes are reflected in the document on check-in.

Below is an example of a document drafting stage. The author has included a standards tag into a document before the document is checked into the Prompt system.

Below is an example of the published document, including the standards tags populated into the document after checking the document into the Prompt system.

We do not recommend use of the <#standard_tags> or<#legislation_tags> in the actual Footer of a document. This is because its expansion string of text can impact the footer layout due to the variable length and multiple lines of these tags.

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