How to set an Implementation Date

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Implementation Dates in Prompt help maintain accountability and ensure timely document approvals.

Email Notification Behavior with Implementation Dates

There are 2 types of reminders for implementation dates:

  • Due Reminder: Schedule to send on the implementation date
  • Overdue Reminder: Schedule to send when the implementation date has passed
The Overdue Reminder is sent daily to the approver until the pending approval is resolved​


  1. The document must be under a section that requires approval – if the approval status is not yet setup, please follow the article: How to configure an Approval Process
  2. The document must be in the Review status, and you can find the document via Home > Reviews
  3. You will need to be an approver in the organization: How to set up a user as an approver

Setting an Implementation Date

  1. Navigate to Home > Reviews and select “Review”
  2. After reviewing the document, select “Finish Review” on the top right
  3. You can find the “Implementation Date” on the bottom left
  4. Fill any other required fields to check-in the document for approval

Validate a Document's Implementation Date

  1. After the document is in the approval status, navigate to Home > Approvals and select “Approve”
  2. You can find the “Implementation Date” via the popup window

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