Managing Co-Authors

The Drafting tool allows you to invite anyone to collaborate with your document creation.

Unlike the review process, which is a timed process, the length of time a Co-author can collaborate in the Drafting process is driven by the document author.

The Document author can invite multiple Co-Authors at any stage of the Drafting process. Inviting co-authors is not a timed process; multiple Co-authors can coexist and work on a document for any length of time required by the Document author for the drafting period.

When working on a document, you can see at the top right of your document how many users are working on the document at the same time as you. If you click there, you can see who is also online.

Once the document author has completed the document's drafting and feels the author collaboration is complete, the document is then submitted for review; this will end the Co-author experience, and the Co-author link will no longer be valid.

It is also possible to Revoke the access if you entered an invalid email address or Resend the Link to forward the document access email again.

Important: It is advised to contact anyone else who is editing or online to log out of the document (select the Exit button) before submitting your document, as their changes won't be saved once you submit the document, and they will lose access to that document.

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