How to insert Hyperlinks into Prompt documents

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We assume that you are editing a Word Document (Microsoft Word or via the Prompt In-Drafting process).

All you need to do is paste the hyperlink into the document, either with CTRL-V or right-click Paste.

How do I easily get a Prompt Hyperlink into my Clipboard for Pasting into my document?

Usually we want the Document Title (spelled correctly) text to appear but for that text to be the actual Hyperlink.

  1. If using the Prompt In-Drafting process, right-click on the Search Menu button
  2. Select to Open in a New Tab.
  3. Search for the document you want to link to
  4. Click on its associated Copy Link button
  5. Return to your Word document, leaving the Search Tab open if you need to insert more Hyperlinks.
  6. Paste it in wherever you need it to be.
  7. If you want to insert more Hyperlinks, switch to your open Search Tab and repeat Steps 3-6.

Users can't have multiple logged-in Prompt Sessions running under their username, however, you can access Prompt via multiple tabs within a single browser window.

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