How to use the Home Page

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The Home page provides quick access to the functionalities that require actions from your user, each tab requires different user permissions to be enabled. The available tables are:

  • Requisitions - Available to Requisition Approvers, lists requisitions that are pending approval
  • Draft - Lists draft documents assigned to your user as author or co-author role
  • Check-Out - Available to Document Authors, lists all documents checked-out to your user
  • Reviews - Available to Reviewers, lists all documents assigned to your user as a reviewer
  • Submissions - Available to Document Owners or Submission Owners
  • Approvals - Available to Approvers, lists all pending approval documents
  • Overdue for Review - Lists documents that are overdue for review
  • Alerts - Lists alerts received for due document changes and updates
  • Link List - Lists documents you are currently 'watching'

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