Working With In-Drafting Styles

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Styles in Drafting

The In-Drafting tool allows the use and modification of text styles, that can be applied to text within your document keeping documents standardised and easily updated within your organisation's branding guidelines.

What are Styles?

Styles are built-in combinations of formatting characteristics (font size, colour etc.) that you can apply to text to quickly change it's appearance. Styles are very similar to a template, it provides a consistent standard to all of your Prompt documents.

How do I apply a built-in style?

  1. Highlight the text you want to style and then select the style you wish to apply from the style menu by pressing the arrow as illustrated below.

How do I create a new style?

  1. Select the text you want to add a new style within your document (for font, size, colour etc.) and highlight it with your mouse.
  2. Expand the Styles option box by clicking the down arrow on the right of the menu and choose new style from selection.
  3. Give your style a name that is meaningful to your organisation. For example 'xyz health service heading style and choose OK to save.

How do I customise an existing style?

  1. Highlight some text in your document and right-click on an existing style
  2. Choose update from selection.

How do I restore an existing style back to default?

  1. Highlight some text in your document and right-click on an existing style
  2. Select restore to default.
  3. You can also choose restore to all default styles to change all existing styles back to their original default properties.

How do I delete my own custom styles?

  1. Expand the Styles option box by right-clicking on your custom style
  2. Choose delete style. (You may also select delete all custom styles to remove all your custom styles in your libary).

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