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Permissions Required: Prompt Administrator or Admin

Prompt provides you with a tool to request the creation of a compressed zip file with all live versions of your documents. Processing the request takes a period of time to complete, you will receive an email upon completion. You will have seven days to download the file once it is generated, after which it will be deleted.

IMPORTANT: Only one zip file is stored for seven (7) days, after that period of time it will be automatically deleted.  If you request a new zip file it will always overwrite the existing one. If you are using the download as a backup for your Prompt documents, we suggest you store the download files on a USB drive, as each downloaded file on the system will be available for seven (7) days only and will be deleted after this time.

  1. To download all documents go to Reports -> Download All Documents. Then select the Request Download button.
  2. This will start the generation of the zip file, the more documents you have in your organisation, the longer it will take. You do not need to stay on the page while processing, an email notification will be sent to you once completed. If the page remains open, it will update when the process is complete.

  1. Download the file by selecting Download File
  2. If you wish to generate a new file use Request New File.
Extracting files from the zip file will require 7-zip to be installed on your computer. If you are having issues opening the file contact your organisation's IT support to request 7-zip.

  1. Once you have extracted the files the result will look similar to the screenshot below.  Your documents will be neatly organised in folders by department and section.

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