How to set a Document Review window for responses

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Permissions Required: Prompt Admin or Document Author  

To set the review window for your document you must first submit your document for review. When you submit your document for review you are finishing the first stage of document drafting and all of your co-authors will lose access to the document.

To submit your document, go to your draft document and select the Submit for Review button.

It will open a new window where you'll have to set the review priority of your document, each priority has a predetermined date of expiry. When the expiry date comes the review process finishes and all reviewers will lose access to the document.

Then you'll have to type the reviewer email address to send the invite and confirm by selecting the Invite button, you can invite multiple reviewers by repeating the process. You can invite anyone, even users that don't have a Prompt account to help you. 

When you finish, select Submit to confirm.

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