How to access the Document Information

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Permissions Required: Prompt Administrators, General Users

The Document Information page allows you to see the document metadataupdate its document tags (Executive Sponsor, Risk Rating, Standards and Legislation) and to see the Document History.

If you are accessing the Document Information page of a document from other organisations or a document you do not have Document Author permissions, you will not be able to update any information. You will, however, have read-only access.

Review Document Information

  1. To access the Document Information page you must select the information icon to the right of a Document Name. 
  2. Document information may be accessed on the Home page, Search page, Documents tab and some Reports.
  1. The Document Information window will open the Document Details tab by default. Here you may:
  • Check-In, Check-out or Approve a document if you have the required permissions
  • Copy URL - Copy the document URL to share with other users
  • Copy Link - Copy the document link to use as a reference in a Word document
  • Download the Document
  • Update the Document Tags

Update Document Tags

  1. To update the Executive Sponsor go to Document Details tab, select an Executive Sponsor from the drop-down.
  2. To update the Risk Rating go to Document Details tab, select a Risk Rating from the drop-down.
  3. Remember to select Submit to process your document once finishing an update to your tags.

Assign Standards

  1. To assign a Standard go to the Standard tab, select a Standard from the drop-down and select Assign To A Standard.

  1. A window will open for you to tag sections of the Standard against your document by selecting the circle button. You may de-select sections by clicking a second time on the circle button. Once finished, select Submit.
  1. Returning to the Standard tab the list of all currently assigned Standards will display. To add additional Standards select Assign To A Standard.
  2. Select Edit to return to the Standard sections window to edit currently assigned sections. 
  3. Select Remove to remove a Standard. This will remove the whole Standard and all of its sections from your document.

Assign Legislation

  1. To assign a Legislation go to Legislation tab and select Assign Legislation.
  1. A window will open displaying all Legislation categories.  Select the plus icon to expand and show all Legislation in a particular category.
  2. To tag your document, select the radio button  next to the chosen Legislation. You may de-select a Legislation by clicking a second time on the radio button.
  3. Select Submit when finished. 
  1. Returning to the Add Document page a list of all Legislation assigned to your document will be displayed. You may remove or add additional Legislation by selecting Assign Legislation. 

View Document History

  1. To access the document history go to History tab to view a list of all recent activity pertaining to the document.
  2. If you are accessing information for a document from other organisations you will only see the history and will not be able to make changes to the document.
  3. In History the Prompt Admins may:
  • Generate the Full Audit report to get the complete history of a document
  • Disable a Document
  • Revert a document to a previous version
  • Download any document version, both the original and the converted version

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