Departments Sections and Document Types

Defining clear and relevant Departments, Sections, and Document Types can improve the document search results displayed to the end-user.

For effective long-term maintenance of your Prompt document management system, nominating departments and sections that consider the past while also planning for the future is key to robust long term document governance. Therefore, we recommend preparing departments, sections and document types that can withstand internal movement and change


Your departments might be based on your organisational structure. For example, an organisation's structure might look like Aged Care, Cardiology, and Information Services. However, departments can be anything that best reflects your organisational structure. When defining your departments, keep in mind that every department will require a section.

Department and Sections however do not need to mirror the organisational structure but they do need to make sense to the general user searching PROMPT and be sustainable over time.

Representing clear departments can improve the search for documents for the end-user.


Each Department requires a Section, sections are the sub levels of your departments. If your department is Information Services, your sections might be, Technology, Telehealth and Clinical Coding. If your Department is Maternity Services, your sections might be, Breastfeeding, Birth Centre and Antenatal. Defining clear and relevant sections for your documents can improve the search for documents for the end user.

Document Types

A Document Type refers to the family the document belongs to, commonly used types of documents are Policy, Procedures, Standards, Training and Educational, Forms, Templates.

Investigate and identify how many potential documents need to be published on PROMPT.

How Departments display and function in Prompt

Departments will play a key role in how most of your users will search for documents within Prompt.

You can have as many or as few departments as you require. Additional or new departments can be added at any time.

Below is how your departments will display in Prompt for users performing a general search.

How Sections Display and function in Prompt

Sections will help your users refine searches more quickly when searching for a document within Prompt.

Sections will display under departments. A Prompt administrator can add additional sections if needed in the future.

Below is an example of how your sections will display in Prompt for users performing a general search.

How Document Types Display

Document types are used to categorise and organise documents. They help to locate the correct type of document when searching. A document type may have a template that will be used as a starting point when drafting a new document.

Below is an example of how your Document types might display in Prompt for users performing a general search

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