How to configure a Submission Process

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The Submission process is an additional layer on the approval process, that includes a custom form to be completed when checking-in a document, and a custom checklist for when publishing a document.

To enable submissions you must have approvals enabled and an approval process in place. You can learn how to set up an approval process in the How to setup An Approval Process.

Submissions will replace the check-in process every time new document version is checked-in and the Document Author will have to complete the submission form before submission is complete.

When this document is sent to the approval process if the approver has the Publisher role it must complete the submission checklist before approving the document.

To enable the submission process go to Admin -> Manage Organisations and select Edit at the name of your organisation. 

Go to the Submission Process tab and Enable Submissions. This will also enable approvals, as the submission process requires an approval process in place.

Once enabled you can go to the Form tab and create your submission form and to the Checklist tab and create your submission checklist. 

They can both be disabled individually, 

  • If the Form is disabled only the checklist and the consultation will be available to approvers, 
  • If the Checklist is disabled it won't be visible to Publishers.
  • If Both are disabled, it is the same as disabling the submission process, it is advised to have at least one enabled if your organisation wish to use the submission process.

Note: These forms will be used in all submissions, it won't differentiate approval processes and sections.

Form builder instructions

To add a new question, select the element you wish to add and drag it to the form.

The element will be added between the existing elements in the form.

You can select the three lines icon at the left to reorder questions in a form.

To Remove an unwanted question, you can use the trash can icon.

You can mark a question as Mandatory by enabling the Required slider. When enabled this question has to be answered when submitting this form.

  • Section: a section is a group of questions, a form can have multiple sections.
  • Single Line: it's a type of question that requires an answer in a single line.
  • Text Area: it's a type of question that requires an answer that can be a short text with multiple lines. 
  • Date: it's a type of question that requires a date as an answer 
  • Radio: the radio element provides multiple choices but only one can be chosen. 

To add new options in a radio question, select the Add Option button, to delete an option select the Trash can icon at the right side of the unwanted option.

  • Checklist: It's a series of multiple boxes that can be checked to review something, more than one box can be checked in each checklist component, if mandatory, at least one box must be checked.

To add new options in a checklist, select the Add Option button, to delete an option select the Trash can icon at the right side of the unwanted option.

This component is used to add instructions or additional text in a form, it will always take two columns in a form.

Example Form:

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