How to Link Documents and Create Alerts

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Permissions Required: General User account

You can link documents to trigger alerts when one of them is changed, those alerts may be configured to be sent to your email address or as a notification in the Link List tab found in the Home page.

To create the link between documents choose the 'source' document in your current search results and select the Link Documents button. 

Source documents are the original documents that will raise an alert when a change occurs.

A new window will open to confirm the source documents selected, you may Remove a document if selected by accident. Select the Confirm button to proceed.

A confirmation message will appear and you will be returned to the search page to select the 'destination' documents.

Back at the Search page, you will see the list of selected 'source' documents.  You may perform another search to select the 'destination' documents. 

Destination documents are the documents that will receive the alert sent by the source documents.

This function is mainly used to watch for any changes to a procedure or policy in the 'source' document e.g. an organisation may use a procedure they copied from another organisation ('source' organisation) and would like to know when any updates have been made to the procedure by the 'source' organisation.

When you finish selecting the 'destination' documents, select Create Link.

A new window will open to confirm the document linkage.  At this step you may also remove documents that were linked by accident. To proceed, select Confirm.

A confirmation message will appear to confirm that the link was created with success.

When you set an alert you may view them at Home -> Link List. In this tab you may remove an existing alert or Configure the frequency of an existing alert. Copied documents with alerts set are also listed here.

Initially all alerts are configured based on the default rules from your organisation.  You may disable the default rules using the switch at the top of the page to overwrite the settings, based on your personal preferences.

The possible configurable options are:

  • Disabled
  • Immediately by email
  • On Home Page Report
  • Weekly Summary Email Report

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