How to Check-Out a document

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Permissions Required: Prompt Admin or Document Author 

Check-out is the process enabling a user to edit or review a document. When you check-out a document you lock the document for editing and only the user the document is checked-out to is able to work with the file (with the exception of Prompt Admin who is able to work on documents on behalf of other users).

This process retrieves the document in its original format for editing (other users will still see the PDF version of the file when searching for it)

To check-out, go to the Search page or Documents page to locate the document. Select the Check-out button.

The Check-out Document window will open. Select Reason for Check-Out drop down: 

  • Review - To review a document and update its review cycle.
  • Change - To change the content of a document without updating its review cycle.
  • Formatting - To make minor changes to the document such as formatting. Selecting the 'Formatting' reason will not update the review cycle or require additional approvals.
Selecting "Formatting" as a Reason for check out will not go through the Approval Process even if it is configured for the document type, section or department. Hence, "Formatting" doesn't require approval.
The check-out reason event is logged in the document history for auditing purposes.

Select the check-out reason, then select Confirm Check-Out to confirm and complete the process.

The document will be updated to Check-Out status preventing other users from checking it out. The document icon will change to enable you to download the original file.

If the original file was in the PDF format, you will only be able to download the PDF format file as Prompt does not convert PDF files to Microsoft Office formats.

When a document is checked-out it is sent to the Check-out tab in the Home page to enable you to keep track of all checked out documents.

Check-Out Document to another user

When checking-out a document to another user, you are assigning a user to work with the selected document. 

In the Check-out document window select Check-Out for Another User slider at the top left of screen. Select a user from the list displayed which contains all possible users that could be assigned to this document.

Select Confirm Check-Out button to confirm.

The document will be sent to the selected user's Home page and available for editing.

It is only possible to check-out documents to users with Document Author permissions for the document location.

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