Permissions Required: Prompt Admin

Drafting document facility can be used to offer online, real-time collaboration of document drafting to document authors. This is achieved using the Only Office online editor.
Reviews are a timed process for invited reviewers to be able to respond and comment to the final draft document as submitted by the document author.

Important Note: Not all document formats are supported by Document Drafting. File formats supported are Word (.doc), Excel (.xls), Powerpoint (.ppt). All other file formats can be uploaded directly in the system and bypass drafting.

To enable the drafting process go to Admin -> Manage Organisations and select Edit at the name of your organisation. 

Go to the Drafting Process tab and Enable Drafting. This will also enable the Review process by default, but you can disable it if necessary.

The review process is a timed process. Based on the urgency of the review, reviewers have a number of days to respond. After the review days expire, the document author is able to forward the final draft document to the submission process for final approvals.

This is configured at the Reviews Process section of this page.

Once drafting is enabled, when checking-out a document, if it is supported, this document will be sent to the Only Office drafting tool where you can edit this document.

When adding a new document, if the document type has a template assigned to it, the new document will be created based on the template and sent to the Only Office tool for drafting. If the document type doesn't have a template, the user can choose to start a new document with a blank file or upload file to start with. If the uploaded file is not supported then the document will be checked-in as usual and won't be sent to the drafting process.